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Yoga Musings



James Kuiper on Sexy Food and a Sexy you.

  James Kuiper is the owner of Sexy Food. James was diagnosed with and treated for Lymphatic Cancer at the age of 17. At the end of the treatment his body was in shock and full of toxins post intensive chemo-therapy. He simply listened to his body, and began eating a diet that consisted of […]




Meet Natasha Ward – Teacher and cheerleader

  ★You have just returned from India dancing for the premier cricket league. How was that? It was a massive whirlwind… I feel very blessed for the experience and to have had the opportunity to travel all over India. Seeing the magnificence that country has to offer. It feels like a completely different life: staying […]




Meet Ben Hemson-Struthers – Teacher and photographer

    How did yoga find you? Yoga found me at a time in my life when I was searching for a new tribe of people. People who were prepared to do crazy things with their body and mind, but still have compassion and remain grounded. Although I loved the physical practice, I know that […]