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    There are many Yoga retreats in India, these retreats attract tourists from various parts of the world. The best yoga retreats  are located in India. Yoga retreats heal the visitors using Yoga therapies. These retreats are located in luxuriously green surroundings. The calm and serene atmosphere of these resorts is healing. Yoga retreats provide relaxation and rejuvenation of the body. Yoga retreats seem to have originated in India. These retreats are the integral part of Indian culture. These retreats propagate Indian culture through the promotion and practise of Yoga. Yoga retreats introduce Yoga to the urban crowd. They can practise Yoga in their routines to mitigate the effects of stress. Yoga has many therapeutic effects. Yoga is ideal for curing sleep disorders, practising Yoga regularly prevents sleep disturbances. Yoga can be included as a part of the routine to get sound sleep. Many people visit Yoga retreats to learn and practise Yoga. Yoga has cured many stress related disorders effectively and at low affordability. The Yoga retreats also function as rehabilitation centres. Many de-addiction centres send their patients to learn and practice Yoga in these retreats. Yoga retreats follow the holistic approach, they implement Yoga to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Yoga retreats provide rejuvenation to the mind and body. Yoga retreats have gurus or instructors providing training in yoga. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular with the awareness about its pertinence to health. Tourists visit Yoga retreats during vacations to learn and practise Yoga. Practising Yoga regularly increases the energy level.



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VCR If you want to buy these earbuds, go online to find discounts and offers. There are numerous merchants on the web that offer these headphones at discounted prices. They are adjustable, cost-effective, and energy efficient. And, oh yea, they are the nearest factor you can find to a michael . Kilkenny | Dec 4th This year – There are a lot of insulation materials available these days, and eco-friendly contractors tend to shy away from conventional fiberglass insulation. Nevertheless, fiberglass may be more green than you might think . Kilkenny | Dec 4th Next year – Insulation inhibits heat loss in the winter months and keeps high temperature from entering your own home in the summer. If your properties insulation is not as well as expected, you may be losing plenty of energy due to temperature transfer. Here are five good . Especially if you might be living in apartments within buffalo grove il, you would like to beautif . 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February 29, 1992 marked any pivotal moment * a freak somersault whilst downhill skiing plus a split second my entire life forever changed. They have taken seventeen years of paralysis to create the woman I am today. While human being embryonic stem cell treatment has brought renewed muscle power and discomfort into my braches, recreating in the outdoors gives me the most delight. When I listened to Vivaldi whilst skiing with earphones for the first time, I sensed like I was grooving again in a animations playground. I was the bird soaring using my own wings. My partner and i live every second to the fullest. My living is determined not necessarily by what life produces in me, but by the attitude I provide my life. Keep in mind because you watch this video clip that I could NOT move my thighs below my total spinal cord injury amount at T11-12 prior to receiving Human Embryonic Stem Mobile treatment in Indian. 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That was and then ; the latest generation involving slimmed-down headphones injects high resolution music or home-theater sound directly into your head. However, when it comes to headphones, there are lots of different merchandise to choose from. Of all the earphones of various styles that i’ve ever used, they tend to always have one thing in commonlack involving bass. Monster introduced a set of headphones in CES back in January named Dr. Dre Headphones that promised to bring brand-new technology and a brand new level of sound quality to consumer earphones. With this specific engineering, the bone tissue transferring headphone can mail the sound files waves by approach belonging towards the skull in with the paying attention to nerve within individuals brain. Getting pointed out that it really is not really well-known yet. You are able to suppose it might quite possibly make for getting only one star in headphones, but I’m undecided. Whenever hearing with available beats dr dre by yourself headphone, the ears would not get any stress which signifies you are going to most certainly in fact sense at ease. But this gain is just limited by belonging to your noiseless sites, any strengthen will drives enhanced comfort absent. The closed headphone has an benefit that it could convey the complete particulars applying the audio tracks toward the ears not possessing virtually any attenuation largely on account of its giant gentle sculpt pads. Historically communicating, music has been because long time ago enjoyed as art and enjoyment. Even since old time, people initiated a policy of listening and taking pleasure in music. With the passageway of time, different parts of the world have adopted different music forms. The particular advancement of communication system makes some music gets very popular all over the world; while the others are also nevertheless confined in certain area on the globe. Now a day, many music types are popular among people. For examples tend to be pop, jazz, rock and roll, and classic. Some sort of music that also emerged is hard core. It had been started in United States. It turned out associated with punk individuals initially, but now it really is famous all around the world having a large number of listeners within United States.



    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) – U.S. stocks opened mixed Monday, with investors lured to consolidate some of the market’s strong gains, while a sustained flow of deal-making – such as $27.5 billion acquisition of mobile phone provider Alltel – is constantly fuel buying interest. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 8 points at 13,545, as 20 of the company’s 30 components retreated, led by famous brands Alcoa Inc. , Dupont , Honeywell Inc. and United Technologies .Kenmore Co. rose 0.3% before the open after saying it’s going to sell its GE Plastics business to Saudi Basic Industries Corp. for $11.6 billion. The $9 billion after-tax proceeds, GE said, will be used to buy back its shares.Also weighing on blue chips, AT&T fell 0.1% after announcing a rebranding of the Cingular unit ahead of Apple Inc.’s launch with the iPhone.And Pfizer fell 0.2% after news that CFO Alan Levin is resigning, while its head of development and research, John LaMattina, will retire right after the New York drug giant finds a successor.The S&P 500 index rose 1.8 points to 1,524, while the Nasdaq Composite gained 5.8 points to 2,564.Among technology shares, Yahoo rose 0.8%. It may pay $1 billion to buy Bebo, a leading U.K. social network site, according to an investigation from a British newspaper.Deals, deals, dealsThe marketplace is coming off a solid week in which the Dow rose 1.7% completely to another record high, even though the S&P 500 rose 1.1%, coming within 5 points of their all-time high.The key fuel for that market’s rally has always been deal-making. On Monday, Alltel Corp. gained 7.3% after receiving be bought by TPG Capital along with a Goldman Sachs unit for $27.5 billion, or $71.50 a share. Which is a 10% premium to Friday’s close and a 23% premium to Alltel’s price before reports of your possible buyout first appeared. One major international deal had UniCredit buying Italian peer Capitalia within an all-stock transaction valued at over $29 billion. The sale will make UniCredit Europe’s second-largest bank. Hologic opted for buy Cytyc for $6.2 billion, or $16.50 a share with cash and 0.52 of Hologic shares. The sale at a 33% premium to Friday’s close will generate a leading provider of women’s health services.The bidding war for EGL continued which has a group led by Apollo Management offering $47.50 a be part of cash, trumping a $46.25 a share offer from a group led by EGL’s leader.Another deal had Atlas Energy Resources agreeing to buy 2,150 gas wells producing from the Antrim Shale, located in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula, from DTE Energy for $1.23 billion in cash.Economy returns to backburnerA group of better-than-expected economic data recently has soothed investor concerns in regards to a potential housing-led recession. Industrial data, especially, “has lifted energy and basic materials stocks, as well as heavy industrial and enormous cap multinational stocks <on>the Dow and S&P],” said Marc Pado, market strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald. There is not much on the economic docket on Monday with statistics on housing sales and durable-goods orders going to be out later in the week. The dollar rose up against the yen and the euro, together with the greenback strength coming even after Kuwait over the weekend abandoned the U.S. dollar peg.June gold futures fell $1.10 to $660.60 an oz, while July-dated crude futures rose 24 cents to $66.22 a barrel.Corporate newsElan shares jumped 11% following your Irish drugmaker and Wyeth began a Phase III trial of an Alzheimer’s drug candidate. There’s two ongoing Phase 2 studies with the drug, and Elan cautioned that no conclusions can be drawn.On the earnings front, Lowe’s reported a 12% profit decline, citing the housing market and last year’s hurricane rebuilding activities.Merck president of worldwide human health, Peter Loescher, is leaving being chief xecutive of Siemens , the German industrial conglomerate. Merck didn’t name an upgraded.By Nick Godt mulberry store
    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks on Tuesday fell for a second day after quarterly results and outlooks from luxury home builder Toll Brothers Inc. and low retailer Starbucks Corp. illustrated softening consumer spending.”The biggest thing the U.S. economy has going against it right this moment is a lack of consumer confidence. You can view the writing on the wall, if the American consumer retains a pullback in the fourth quarter in the holiday season, everything gets hit,” said Timothy Speiss, head of Eisner LLP’s wealth management division.Not even close to its session lows which had it down nearly 300 points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was now off 70.17 points at 8,800.37 with 15 of the company’s components posting losses.The best laggard among the blue chips was battered Gm Corp. , off 9.6% after hitting lows not seen since 1943 amid concerns the automaker might burn through its remaining cash ahead of the end of the year.Former Dow component American International Group Inc. lost 3.1% as investors absorbed the Treasury Department’s new bailout policy for the giant insurer. “The markets are looking for bad news, trying to understand where the next shoe may be dropped. AIG might always get a lot of attention, as well as the GM matter has been problematic,” said Speiss.Also weighing for the Dow industrials, Alcoa Inc. fell 5.3% as soon as the aluminum giant’s downgrade to promote perform from outperform by Freidman, Billings, Ramsey Group Inc.The S&P 500 declined 10.35 suggests 908.86, and the Nasdaq Composite shed 15.75 points to 1,600.99.Telecommunication services and financials led the broad-based declines that stretched to incorporate all but one of the S&P 500’s 10 industry groups.Volume was light, approaching 807 million about the New York Stock Exchange, where decliners beat advancers nearly 3 to at least one. On the Nasdaq, 537 million shares traded, and decliners topped advancers 8 in order to 5.Made in ChinaU.S. stocks ended lower Monday, as gains from China’s half-billion-dollar stimulus plan eroded amid worries regarding the health of GM. The Dow industrials fell 73 points, the S&P 500 lost 11 points and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 30 points.A completely U.S.-centric market bypassed an incredibly positive development, Speiss contends.”China has made a huge investment into its economy; and keeping China just as one importer is very important to the stability with the global economy, the U.S. included,” said Speiss.Crude movesCrude-oil futures fell sharply for the New York Mercantile Exchange, as worry about the global economy fed thoughts of reduced demand. Crude for December delivery fell $3.01, or 4.8%, to $59.4 a barrel. .Gold futures dropped nearly $14 one ounce, with the contract for December delivery falling $13.7 to absolve at $732.8 one ounce. .The dollar rose against the euro but fell vs. the Japanese yen. .”There will continue to be negative news going into the first quarter,” said Speiss of earnings reports, including a profit drop from Starbucks late Monday. The coffee giant’s stock fell 3.4%. .American Express fell 7% following the Federal Reserve approved the credit-card firm’s application to become bank. Toll Brothers reversed earlier losses, gaining 0.5%, after it estimated fourth-quarter home-building revenue fell 41% from your year-ago period. Shares of Vodafone Group PLC gained 5.8% as soon as the mobile giant unveiled a new strategy to contend with the general economic downturn. .InterContinental Hotels lost 8.3% after it reported a 28% falloff in third-quarter profit and warned market conditions dropped sharply in October. .Chesapeake Energy Corp. dropped 6.5% because it reached a deal worth up to $3.37 billion with StatoilHydro Asa to develop holdings in Appalachia. Nevada Sands Corp. said it would suspend construction in Macau to savecash and concentrate on projects under way in Singapore and Pennsylvania. Overseas, equities in Moscow fell sharply, forcing trading suspensions for the local stock exchanges, as the Russian central bank allowed the ruble to weaken about 1% against its dual currency basket. .The Nikkei 225 dropped 3% in Tokyo. . And, the FTSE 100 fell 3.6% working in london. By Kate Gibson mulberry tote
    As expected, Microsoft’s brief multi-touch demonstration of Windows 7 garnered almost all of the headlines, but when the crowd goes one way it often makes sense to go the other way. And if you are going away from the crowd you’ll notice more than a few subtle hints were dropped about how Microsoft is changing the way does business.First, the large headlines (Techmeme). Microsoft said Windows 7 is certain to get multi-touch capability. Mary Jo Foley confirmed that tidbit . The other big takeaway is the fact that Vista will be the kernel for Windows 7. That’s another interesting nugget mainly because it may indicate that Windows 7 is more efficient with all of Microsoft’s hardware partners as is also. Ed Bott had noted the scene kernel point on our little roundtable on Friday. and Dan Farber had all the live coverage of D6 (roundup) together with the hits and runs and errors.But what separated itself for me was these: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledged the fact that a lot of computing is occurring in the browser and never in applications. He also said that the future of software could have “a much more balanced computational model” which Microsoft will have to compromise. Make no mistake that Ballmer is talking the hybrid apps line, but Microsoft should play ball inside the new world order while preserving its cash cows. How that happen exactly? Microsoft is decoupling the way sells Windows Mobile. Ballmer hinted that Microsoft will sell Windows Mobile differently. In some cases, customers will only have the operating system. In others, you will have software and services combined. This decoupling can be quite a precursor to how Windows around the desktop is sold in the foreseeable future. The software giant will probably be an advertising company come hell or high water. Ballmer obviously talked a lttle bit about its Yahoo bid, but additionally indicated that Microsoft is patient about its advertising business. Ballmer does have knowledge of where the ad line stands. He shot down a concept about layering advertising about the desktop. Amen to that, Steve. Should you listen to the high Web 2 ..0 priests you’d think advertising was the savior that can infiltrate or desktop?€”and possibly your pores too. Microsoft will need to make Windows a UI juggernaut. Microsoft can talk about touch technology all it wants, but it’s going to have to wow consumers somehow. By the time Windows 7 launches in late 2009 I’d bet Apple will currently have something. Ballmer said Windows PCs are likely to “look fantastic,” but it is competing against a supermodel (Apple). Can Microsoft wrangle most of its partners and ecosystem into constructing a supermodel OS? It’s telling that Microsoft needs to cook up software that pinpoints problems in their ecosystem when you run Vista.Add it and it’s safe to say the Microsoft the truth is today won’t resemble usually the one you see five years from now. Microsoft’s soul?€”Gates?€”retires in the month or so and you have to wonder how his departure will change up the company. Ballmer and Gates have great chemistry and it’s really unclear whether that can be maintained with Gates playing chairman and centering on his charity work.Of these aforementioned model questions, probably the most challenging one to tackle would be the final one?€”leapfrogging around the Windows UI front. Looks matter. Does functionality. Apple has raised the bar and in many cases if you disagree with this you’ll have to admit there is something to controlling the software and hardware. How can Microsoft manage that entire ecosystem and be competitive? It’s shocking that Microsoft’s herding cats routine works as well as it does, but there’s a management case study waiting to get written if the software giant can the ante.The other things on Microsoft’s to-do list?€”changing leadership, decoupling the OS, figuring out the mobile model and growing advertising?€”are all doable. And they’ll get done. The big question is whether Microsoft can take its ecosystem to an alternative level.Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7 Larry Dignan is Editor in Chief of ZDNet and Editorial Director of ZDNet sister site TechRepublic. See his full profile and disclosure of his industry affiliations. Credit: ZDNet cardy ugg boots
    World leaders will meet Nov. 15 in Washington to handle the global financial crisis – the first in a series of summits to mitigate what economists predict might be a long and deep downturn.To make the announcement, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the first meeting will concentrate on the underlying causes of the economic crisis, the global response along with the principles that should guide any reforms.The summit will bring together leaders of the Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and also the United States, the European Union China, Brazil, India, Russia, South Korea and other major economies. She said the White House would seek input in the winner of the U.S. presidential election who’ll take office on Jan. 20.Perino said countries belly to the summit with various approaches about certain requirements to fix the system. “I do not think that you’ll have any details coming out of this meeting with regards to things that everyone agrees to in the first meeting,” she said.The collapse in the housing market in the United States triggered the tanking of the broader economic climate, prompting a credit freeze in this country and around the globe. Thus far, though, a string of drastic actions by the Federal Reserve and the Bush administration has yet to make around the economy. Companies are reluctant to hire and boost capital investments, consumers have hunkered down, and all sorts of economy’s problems are feeding off the other.This will be the first in a series of summits to bring the leaders together. With the first meeting, working groups is going to be set up to develop recommendations that need considering by leaders in subsequent summits. The White House will host a dinner on the eve from the summit. The location of the meeting, however, hasn’t yet been announced.Bush, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, who met in the Camp David, Md., presidential retreat a week ago, announced the series of summit, saying the international community should work together to address the finance crisis that has shaken markets the world over.Bush has backed the steps that European nations took to fix the real estate markets and is willing to hear a range of ideas from both developed and third world countries. But he hasn’t signed to the more ambitious, broad-stroke reforms that some European leaders have in mind to avoid a repeat in the market crisis that rippled world wide.At Camp David, Bush warned that any international effort should preserve what he calls democratic capitalism – free markets, free enterprise, and free trade.Perino said to not expect the summit to yield decisions on new policy or regulation. The duty of putting “meat on the bones” will be up to financial experts in the countries as soon as the world leaders review the causes of the crisis, the response thus far, and the principles of reform that you should adopted.”A lot of work will need to be done at the task force level, the running group level,” she said.The summit will take place 11 days as soon as the U.S. presidential election, with Bush’s clout diminishing.Perino said there wasn’t any way to control the timing from the financial crisis, but that world leaders agreed which a summit was needed, which Bush was excited to host it. “We will seek the input of the president-elect,” she said.Perino added that the two presidential candidates, John McCain and Obama, were made aware of the summit and “they were supportive of the idea.” In a news conference in Richmond, Va., Obama declined to express whether he would attend the meeting of world leaders, saying “We get one president at a time.”Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the summit was “a positive, constructive step.””I am hopeful that this meeting will not only address the immediate crisis facing the international economy but will start making the international financial system stronger and more secure,” Reid said. ugg black
    The White House is urging North Korea to “cease its provocative threats” and respect the desire of the rest of the world by honoring its international commitments, according to presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs.He explained North Korea’s vow to restart its nuclear reactor and boycott international disarmament talks is really a serious step in a bad direction. North Korea is retaliating for that U.N. Security Council’s condemnation of the company’s recent rocket launch.Gibbs said the international community is not going to accept North Korea unless it abandons what the White House says is its search for nuclear weapons.As Gibbs spoke, the International Atomic Energy Agency said North Korea is expelling its inspectors and it has announced it is reactivating all its nuclear facilities.An IAEA statement Tuesday said North Korea has told inspectors to remove seals and cameras through the Yongbyon nuclear site by leaving the country as quickly as possible.The moves reflect anger at U.N. Security Council criticism of the country’s latest missile launch.”As the international community feared, North Korea reacted angrily to this particular week’s Security Council condemnation and decision to tighten existing sanctions,” said CBS News foreign affairs analyst Pamela Falk in the U.N., “and as the U.S. and Japan worked to specify the sanctions, Russia urged North Korea to reconsider its reaction and China called for calm.”Earlier Tuesday, North Korea vowed to improve its nuclear deterrent and boycott six-party talks aimed at its denuclearization in protest of the U.N. Security Council statement condemning the nation’s recent rocket launch.North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said inside a statement that it “resolutely condemns” the adventure by the United Nations, that this said “rampantly” infringes upon the country’s sovereignty and “severely debases” the people’s dignity.”We have zero choice but to further strengthen our nuclear deterrent to deal with additional military threats by hostile forces,” the statement said.The statement also asserted “six-party talks that we are enjoying are not necessary anymore.”Those negotiations, which also involve China, Japan, Russia, The philipines and the United States, began in 2003 and still have been aimed at achieving North Korea’s denuclearization.North of manchester also said it will restore nuclear facilities it has been disabling in line with a worldwide disarmament-for-aid deal negotiated beneath the six-party process and resume operating them.The statement was the country’s first reaction to the Security Council’s unanimous condemnation Monday in the April 5 rocket launch, which Pyongyang says sent a satellite into space but critics say tested long-range missile technology.The Security Council demanded an end to missile tests and said it will expand sanctions contrary to the reclusive communist nation.The council’s statement, decided on by all 15 members and study at a formal meeting from the United Nations’ most powerful body, said the launch violated a council resolution adopted as soon as the North conducted a nuclear test explosion in the year 2006 that banned any missile tests by the continent.The statement would be a weaker response than a U.N. resolution, that’s sought by Japan and the United States but was opposed by China and Russia. U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice insisted the statement is legally binding, like a resolution – a view backed by Russia – but other diplomats and officials disagreed.Within a statement released by the White House, spokesman Robert Gibbs said the administration welcomed the “clear and united message” from your U.N.”The United States will continue working with our allies and partners from the Six-Party Talks to achieve the verifiable avoidance of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and the reduction of tensions about the Korean Peninsula,” said Gibbs.North Korea had threatened last month that any criticism by the U.N. Security Council on the launch would make end of the six-party talks. mulberry outlet store online
    A mother found in her home together with the decomposing bodies of her four daughters was charged Thursday with murder after reportedly telling investigators that this children were possessed by demons and died in their sleep.Banita Jacks, 33, was faced with four counts of first-degree murder and appeared in District of Columbia Superior Court. She told police how the deaths occurred before a software application turned off her electricity, which prosecutors said is at September 2007, as outlined by charging documents.Around 30 folks Banita Jacks’s family and friends attended Thursday evening’s hearing. They left the courthouse without comment, reports CBS News affiliate WUSA-TV in Washington. The groups of the girls – ages 5 to 17 – put together Wednesday when deputy U.S. marshals served an eviction notice at the apartment in southeast Washington.Jacks told investigators how the children were possessed by demons and started dying in their sleep, one by one, in a seven-day period, documents say. She also said she had not fed her children to get a substantial time before their deaths.Medical examiner Dr. Marie-Lydie Pierre-Louis said the bodies were in the apartment more than 15 days, “based for the insects that were found there.”Jacks could obtain a maximum sentence of life imprisonment if convicted.Jacks appeared in court in a white jump suit and sandals. She didn’t speak during the hearing. Superior Court Magistrate Judge Karen Howze ordered her held without bond. Her attorneys had argued which she should be released for the custody of an adult relative pending trial.”I have no idea how many bodies we require before we determine that Ms. Jacks can be a danger to the community,” said Deborah Sines, assistant U.S. attorney.The charging documents get the children as Brittany Jacks, 17; Tatianna Jacks, 11; N’Kiah Fogle, 6; and Aja Fogle, 5.Although autopsies are incomplete, the medical examiner’s office reported there was evidence that Brittany had been stabbed, the charging documents state. There was clearly evidence of binding about the necks of the Tatianna and N’Kiah, and proof blunt force problems for the head of Aja and binding to be with her neck, according to the documents.If the deputies went to the home Wednesday, Jacks experimented with block them in the second floor, in line with the charging documents. Once inside, marshals found religious writings for the walls, authorities said, according to the Washington Post. Among the deputies walked around her and spotted the bodies of the three youngsters on the floor of an unfurnished bedroom. He then opened the door to another bedroom and found Brittany’s body, also on to the ground of a bare room.These children were dressed in white T-shirts, the documents said.Brittany’s body was naked but was partially covered by a white T-shirt. A thing that appeared to be a steak knife lay nearby, and there was a dried maroon liquid around the body, according to the documents.Jacks finished Aaron’s Academy of Beauty in Waldorf in August 2005 with a license to train cosmetology, said Stacy Lynch, the school’s director. She described Jacks like a friendly woman, a good student and a good mother.”She loved her children,” said Lynch. “When you saw Banita beyond school, you saw girls … they were always together.”Court records in Charles County, Md., show Jacks filed paternity suits against three men, a pair of which were successful. Once, Norman C. Penn Jr., whose latest address is in Glen Burnie, is termed the father of Brittany. In another case, Kevin J. Stoddard, whose newest address is listed in Prince George’s County, acknowledged he is the father of Tatianna.The county court records indicated that both men failed to pay required supporting your children. Penn was convicted of criminal contempt and received a suspended jail sentence. Records also demonstrate that in 2004, lenders foreclosed on a Waldorf townhome that Jacks had purchased three years earlier. no previous page next 1/2 ugg classic short boot
    > Dec. 12, 2008 – Eliminating carbohydrates from the diet may help you lose weight , but it could leave you fuzzy headed and forgetful, new research suggests. One week after starting a weight loss diet that severely restricted carbohydrates, participants within the Tufts University study performed significantly worse on memory tests than participants who followed the lowest calorie, high-carbohydrate diet. The low-carb dieters’ memory-test performances improved in the following weeks as soon as they began eating some carbohydrates. “The link between the foods we eat and exactly how we think doesn’t really get into most people’s minds,” study co-author and cognitive psychologist Holly A. Taylor, PhD tells WebMD. “But these studies demonstrates that the foods we eat will surely have an immediate impact on brain function.” Carbs Are Brain Fuel One’s body breaks carbohydrates into glucose, that this uses to fuel brain activity. Proteins stop working into glycogen, which can also be used for fuel by your brain, but not as efficiently as glucose. In order that it stands to reason that eliminating carbohydrates through the diet might lessen the brain’s source of energy and affect brain function. But there has been little research examining this hypothesis in people following low-carb diets . The study by Taylor and colleagues included 19 women between 22 to 55 who have been closely followed after beginning a low-carb weight loss program similar to the Atkins diet or perhaps the low-calorie diet recommended by the Ada that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Before starting the diets, the women underwent testing designed to measure long- and short-term memory and attention. The tests were repeated one, two, and 21 days after the diet began. Low-carb dieters ate hardly any carbohydrates during their first week about the diet. In testing conducted after week one, they performed worse on memory-based tasks than the women following the ADA diet. Reaction times for all those on the low-carb diet were slower and their visual-spatial memories were not just like the low-calorie dieters. They did perform better than the low-calorie dieters in testing that measured attention and also the ability to stay on task, however. In addition to their performance on the memory tests improved after week one, when limited carbohydrates were reintroduced into their diets. “Although this study only tracked dieting participants for three weeks, the data advise that diets can affect not just weight,” Taylor notes in the news release. “The brain needs glucose for energy and diets low in carbohydrates can be detrimental to learning, memory, and thinking.” The research is published within the February 2009 issue of the journal Appetite. More Study Needed Australian research scientist Grant D. Brinkworth, PhD, tells WebMD that the findings, while intriguing, usually do not prove that low-carbohydrate diets affect memory. In the study published in 2007, Brinkworth and colleagues performed cognitive function testing on dieters when they had been on the low-carb or high-carb weight-loss diet for eight weeks. Both groups lost weight and showed improvements in mood. The low-carbohydrate dieters showed slight impairments in cognitive processing speed, but no difference was recorded backward and forward groups in working memory. Brinkworth says if eliminating carbohydrates in the diet does affect memory, the effects may only be temporary. “What (Taylor and colleagues) recorded could possibly be an acute, transient effect which could just be the body readjusting to a unfamiliar diet,” he says. “We really need studies that examine the long-term impact of these diets on cognition.” Calls into a representative from the private equity finance firm North Castle Partners, which owns controlling curiosity about Atins Nutritional Holdings, are not immediately returned.By Salynn Boyles Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario?2005-2008 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved
    Miss Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2008 on Monday in the contest marked by the spectacle of Miss USA falling down during the evening gown competition for your second year consecutively.The new Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza, had been kidnapped in her homeland and says the feeling taught her to keep poised under pressure.Tension got underneath the skin of Miss USA, Crystle Stewart of Texas, who tripped for the train of her bejeweled evening gown as she made her entrance.In the 2007 Miss Universe contest in Mexico City, Miss USA Rachel Smith also tumbled throughout the evening gown competition and became an unintended star on the internet, where the video was shown continuously.At a news conference after this year’s event, a beaming Mendoza said she wasn’t yet sure where her upcoming year of whirlwind appearances would take her. But from a quick stop in New York, she wants to see her family again, enjoy a few mom’s home cooking and present everyone hugs.”When Time passes back to Venezuela I will hop on my family and they will hop on me,” said Mendoza.In the meantime, Mendoza said, she is merely wanting forward to taking off her high-heeled shoes and massaging her feet.She declined to go over her kidnapping, which occurred per year and a half ago, but took benefit of the occasion to necessitate global peace.”I wish to raise my voice and tell the world that violence is not the answer,” she said.Mendoza, 22, is really a 5-foot, 10-inch, green-eyed beauty who enjoys learning languages and photography. She appeared at the news conference from the flowing yellow dress and dangling turquoise earrings that she wore during the evening gown competition in which Stewart took her spill.Stewart, 26, is a motivational speaker and former track and field star who’s working on a book called “Waiting to Win.” The Houston native promises to open a character-development school for children and has worked with students with autism from the Texas schools.Throughout a weekend interview together with the Associated Press, Stewart said she felt very confident entering the show and couldn’t imagine experiencing and enjoying the same calamity as her predecessor.”All I could offer to the world and to America is to do my favorite,” Stewart said. “Nerves don’t play a part in this.”(AP Photo/Vincent Yu)The final five contestants included four from Latin America: Miss Mexico, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Colombia and Miss Venezuela (seen at left). Rounding the final five was Miss Russia.Miss Colombia finished second behind Mendoza.Miss Thailand won the prize for best national costume and Miss El Salvador was chosen by her peers as Miss Congeniality.The NBC show was hosted by talk show star Jerry Springer and Spice Girl Melanie Brown and broadcast live to billions of viewers in 170 countries.The tuxedoed Springer made a grand entrance on the motorbike – the car of choice in Vietnam, in which the streets are teeming with numerous the speeding two-wheelers.Eighty contestants gathered inside the seaside city of Nha Trang, Vietnam, vying to have success previous Miss Universe Riyo Mori of Japan.Sporting yellow, green and orange bikinis, the 15 semifinalists strutted through the stage during the swimsuit competition for the sounds of Rhianna, who belted the pulsating “Just Dance” in a platinum blond wig. Miss Vietnam, Lam Thuy Nguyen, was greeted which has a roar from the Vietnamese audience.The last 10 then competed in the evening gown event.They performed looking at a panel of judges that included international fashion experts and Mr . trump Jr., whose father, agreement magnate and TV star, co-owns the pageant with NBC.This year’s contestants spanned an array of experiences and aspirations.Miss Albania was a professional basketball player. Miss Argentina says she’s got paranormal experiences. Miss Antigua & Barbuda is fascinated by snakes. Miss Angola was at a plane crash while looking to escape a conflict during her country’s civil war. mulberryhandbags

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