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    Thank you to Marjana Dumville for letting us sit in her, sunny studio Sanga Spot for the meeting. Some managed to come in early and do an hour practice. It was a small attendance as we expected. Plenty of emails saying that they would have loved to make it but had to work.

    Right off the bat there were questions from Teachers as to how to deal with particular students and issues. Great. that’s what we are coming together for.

    Jim presented a ” show and tell ” of his recent experiences of teaching in India. Including the current state of affairs of yoga in South India based on talks with local yoga teachers. It seems that the “virus” of Yoga left India, evolved into something a bit different and is now ‘re-infecting” India. Talk included an outline of Jim’s new and improved method for teaching anatomy for yoga, and some brief case studies of therapeutic yoga that was a success with the cricket players.


    We discussed the next steps and it was suggested that we take a small survey of the collective to see when would be a good time to meet.

    It will never be possible to suit everyone, but we can try to suit as many as possible.

    Please offer suggestions for Discussion Topics. I would like to offer a snippet of applied anatomy as I have a new method of teaching anatomy that i am excited about.

    Please email with your preferred meeting time, and location . I would like it to be about the 5th or 6th of October.

    Consider that it will be a once a month meeting.



    I am one of those that have a regular day job so am unable to attend the meetings….at least until maternity leave kicks in (thats assuming baby would want to attend too) so for me weekends would be the only solution. I realise that most people wouldnt want to do weekends though…unless we make it earlier? So thanks for the minutes Steve at least I can keep track of the discussions this way!



    I agree with Lee-sa weekends are best times for us 9-5 working lot. If not weekends, how about after office hours? Minutes help, thanks :)

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