Introduction to Shadow Yoga

Saturday 29 February
Time:  10:30 – 12:30 | 2:30 – 4:30
Sunday 1 March
Time: 11 – 13:30
Cost: R900 (R350 for one)


Join an international teacher for a rare opportunity to learn Shadow Yoga, a revolutionary school of authentic Hatha Yoga. Founded by living masters, Shandor Remete and Emma Balnaves, it revives ancient knowledge and practices that are all but lost in our modern times. Whilst firmly grounded in the roots and original purpose of Yoga, Shadow Yoga has always evolved to adapt to our current needs. You will learn basic, yet challenging natural movements which undo restricted patterns of movement, breathing and thinking.

1. Fundamental principles of natural movement and breath
Key ways to approach the body and breathing. Using simple movements, co-ordination, and mental attention to develop sensitivity to feeling and mental dexterity. A foundation for getting the most out of any kind of body-mind practice, including yoga, martial arts, and dance.

We’ll cover Linam and the Charanas, which form part of the standard warm-up, as well as basic stances which are the building blocks of the stance-work in the Shadow Yoga preludes.

2. Stepping into Strength – Introduction to Balakrama, the first Shadow Yoga Prelude
Using the basics learned in the first session and building up to some stances from the Balakrama, first of the Shadow Yoga preludes. There are three preludes, consisting of dynamic stances, preparing you for the Asana (seated) sequences.

This one cultivates stamina and power in the legs and centre. That and the fact that most movements are upright, make it excellent for those with back issues. Movements are linear and co-ordination is basic, preparing you for the more spiralling and refined movements of the other preludes.

3. Refining the breath and co-ordination with movement.
Introducing reverse-breathing, Agnisara and Uddiyana bandha. First using static positions that support this breath and bandha work, then adding arm movements, and then the legs.

Bringing it altogether in the Jiva Charana, Chakra Mandala and Tittibhasana, which comprise the rest of the standard preparation for any of the preludes.

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