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Online Yoga Courses by YogaSynergy, 
facilitated by Jim Harrington

Yoga Fundamentals |  |  2019 Dates TBA  | ZAR 5 150

Bianca_mulabandasanaIt’s not enough to know where your muscles and bones are … You have to know what to do with them! This is the public version of the award winning RMIT university course. Blending the science of physiotherapy and traditional yoga, you will learn the practical application of the ‘Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga’ course.

Download the information pack here:FundamentalsCourseOutline

Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga | ZAR 5 150

This is a ’must do’ course for anyone who wants to practice or teach safe and effective yoga. You will learn how to utilise 9 main joint complexes, 20 muscle group pairs, 3 main nerve reflexes, 10 circulatory pumps, 18 bandhas, 9 mudras, and 8 main pranayamas.

Download the information pack here: AppliedAnatomyCourseOutline

Each course is 120 hours online and worth 60 CEP points credited with Yoga Australia