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Yoga Musings



Meet Andrè Kunkel – Avid kitesurfer and teacher at ReUnion

  Where are you from, and how did you land up in Cape Town? I am from the South of Germany, an area called Black Forrest . In 2000 was the first time I came to Cape Town, for a kite surfing holiday. I loved it so much, I came nearly every year. In 2004 […]




Meet Claudia Uffhaus- Teacher at ReUnion and owner of Yogahike

— Interview by Lynette Morris Claudia Uffhaus is a teacher at ReUnion Yoga & Meditation Studio.  She is an avid hiker, climber and yoga practitioner.  I caught up with her a few days ago – here are some interesting things about her you might not already know: What is your favourite pose/practice and why? Karnapidasana […]




Bromelain to enhance healing after injury and surgery

  The reason(s) we find ourselves standing Tadasana, with hands at heart centre on our yoga mat for the first time, is unique to each of us. For me, the reasons were partly linked to a serious injury incurred during an accident whilst cycling from London to Paris many moons ago. Any healing, be it […]