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Yoga Musings



Bromelain to enhance healing after injury and surgery

  The reason(s) we find ourselves standing Tadasana, with hands at heart centre on our yoga mat for the first time, is unique to each of us. For me, the reasons were partly linked to a serious injury incurred during an accident whilst cycling from London to Paris many moons ago. Any healing, be it […]




For the Love of Tea

We met up with Jennifer Stephens, owner of Shambhavi wellness in Kalk bay and she blessed us with her beautifully scented Chakra teas. Where did your love of tea begin?  During my Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic training we were taught how to make Chai, authentic Chai brewed with whole milk, tea and spices.  The most […]




Are Mycotoxins effecting your Meditation?

  Have you ever had a coffee that was bitter yet you drank it anyway and for the next 6 hours suffered what you assumed was just a coffee that was too strong, but actually you just laced your body with poison. I did last Friday, this lead me to a conversation with friend, Davina […]