Simon Borg-Oliver Cape Town Programme

YogaDandasanaSimon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) is a Co-Director of Yoga Synergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools. Simon has been teaching since 1982. He is a registered physiotherapist, a research scientist and a university lecturer.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend the masterclasses and workshops.  And book early to avoid disappointment. Read more about Simon here: bio sbo

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The Yoga Synergy style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga.

Single Class: ZAR 350.00 |  3 Class Pack: ZAR 995.00 |  4 Class Pack: ZAR 1,330.00

Morning Master Class 06.00-08.30 Evening Master Class 18.00-20.30
Tuesday 15 July Yoga Synergy Spinal Movement Seqeunce Yoga Synergy Earth Sequence
Wednesday 16 July Yoga Synergy Water Sequence Yoga Synergy Fire Sequence
Thursday 17 July Yoga Synergy Air Sequence Yoga Synergy Ether Sequence
Friday 18 July Yoga Synergy Spinal Breathing Movement


Single Workshop: ZAR 450.00 | Full Weekend: ZAR 2000.00

Friday 17.30 to 18.30: How to use your spine more effectively in your yoga practice and exercise: 
In this session Simon demonstrates and teaches how to use your spine to create core stability via core mobility. This knowledge can help you improve your circulation, energy levels and the health of your internal organs.

Saturday 09.30 to 12.30: How to use your legs more effectively in your yoga practice and exercise: 
Simon will show you how to effectively use your legs in order to develop the strength, flexibility and fitness needed to lead a healthy active life. This understanding can help you to improve the function of your lower back, your digestive system and your reproductive system. 

Saturday 13.30 to 16.30: How to use your arms more effectively in your yoga practice and exercise: 
Effectively use your arm in order to improve circulation and develop the power to do arm balances, back bending postures and inversions. This understanding can also help you to improve the health of your neck and upper back, the heart and the lungs. 

Sunday 09.30 to 12.30: How to use your breath more effectively in your yoga practice and exercise:
Learn how to effectively use your breath in order to develop inner power, mobility, relaxation as well get increasing the flow. This understanding can help you to regulate your body temperature, your energy levels as well as you dependence on food and sleep.

Sunday 13.30 to 16.30: How to develop the meditative state in movement and stillness in your yoga practice and exercise:
In this session Simon will show you techniques that can bring you to a very focused mindful state that be then progressed to a blissful ‘mindless’ yet conscious state called the ’empty mind’. Many of these techniques draw on an understanding of the nervous system, and the use of reflexes. You will shown tools that can help to achieve stillness in breath and mind both during static postures as well as in movements.

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