Yoga Synergy Courses

Yoga Synergy Courses are an established part of Jim’s yoga studio ReUnion Yoga & Meditation.

Watch this space for new Dates in 2019.

YogaSynergy Elements

The intention of this practice is to ignite transformation through an energizing dynamic sequence. The Fire Sequence is designed with Winter in mind.

In this intermediate course:

  • Learn complex postures and series of movements of the intermediate sequence
  • Enjoy a focused and detailed exploration of yoga postures and pranayama
  • Transform your personal practice
  • Build up to a beautiful flowing and meditative silent group yoga practice
Each yoga course takes the time to explain and experience in great detail the Synergy Sequences,  (designed by Australian physiotherapist yoga teachers Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss). They are progressive yoga training courses put together for western bodies and minds.  The practice builds up to a flowing, meditative and delightfully silent group yoga practice to music.

Spend this time learning a fantastic series of Vinyasa Yoga that will greatly enhance your regular practice or that you can practice on your own. Commit to a regular practice for a month as we move through the seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

The Beginner Courses are open to those who are new to yoga, or new to YogaSynergy.  For the duration of the course, we cover the important and fundamental aspects of the YogaSynergy Method, taking time to explain these aspects in the kind of detail we are unable to in an open class

The Intermediate Courses are open to those who are more experienced yoga practitioners.  The course covers in detail the important and fundamental aspects of intermediate to advanced asana and pranayama of the YogaSynergy method.  An absolutely unforgettable journey. Spaces are limited.