Wim Hof Method and Biohacking Retreat | Bodhi Khaya, Cape Town | 6-8 September 2019

Come and join three experts, Mathieu Schlachet, Jim Harrington and Erwann Fabre, for a three day biohacking immersion at Bhodi Khaya Retreat Centre. This unique program is grounded in the latest neuroscientific understandings bridged with eastern philosophies.

Breath in new ways, be expose to cold through the Wim Hof method, learn massage techniques from the ancient health-systema (Russian martial art) and be guided toward an explorative intermittent fasting introduction.

Endogenous biohacking uses natural tools to give you direct access to your bioplasticity and regenerative system. Through these techniques you will learn how to claim your ability to pilot your organism.

On this journey you will be invited to deconstruct limiting beliefs and discover how to re-frame your inner state of safety. By becoming the driver of your autonomic nervous system you will be able to change your stress response, pain perception, regenerative ability and much more.

We will dive into:
– Breathwork techniques
– Cold exposure
– Massage
– Meditation
– Intermittent Fasting
– Movement / yoga

The presence of these highly skilled practitioners will enable you to safely explore limits and beliefs while surrendering to your innate rhythm.

Throughout the retreat you will experience the powerful inner practice and transpersonal tool of noble silence, which will help you to enhance your focus and inner awareness.

Bhodi Khaya has been chosen for its beauty, for a sensual and emotional sensory immersion, hence recharging through beauty.

Take advantage of the early bird discount of 10% if you book before 6 July!

Click here for booking details.

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