Yoga Essentials

Yoga Essentials Courses at ReUnion Yoga & Meditation

Developed by Jim specifically for beginners, this Yoga Essentials Course will demystify all things yoga.  Taught by specially trained and experienced yoga teachers, this course is for you if you’re keen to get started with yoga.

Yoga Essentials Course with Santjie Viljoen

6 Sessions that will establish the foundations for your own personal practice.

This course forms a strong foundation for yoga practice.  Perfect for absolute beginners and those who want to go back to work on technique.  This course is for you if:

  • you want to get yoga started on the right foot
  • you want to brush-up on your asana technique
  • you want to learn more about how yoga actually works
  • you want to find some calm in your crazy life

3 – 20 Sept, 2018   |  ZAR 650  |  Limited space – book here


Santjie will teach and demonstrate:

  • Critical principles of alignment
  • How to work effectively with YOUR body’s particular needs
  • How to build strength and flexibility at the same time

Date:  3 – 20 Sept, 2018

Days & Times:   Monday & Thursday.  7.15 – 8.45 pm

Venue: ReUnion Yoga & Meditation Studio

Cost:    ZAR 650.00

Santjie Viljoen has been practicing and teaching yoga at ReUnion since we opened our doors.  She is a dedicated practitioner with years of experience and understanding of yoga to share.

Sanjtie is also a professionally qualified specialising in architectural photography.  With a family full off architects and a very good understanding of yachts and the yachting industry, her expertise stretches from buildings to boating.
Santjie says “Yoga, architectural photography and yachting may sound like a rare and weird combo”, but she finds it brings a very necessary balance to her life.