Alignment Redefined and Yoga for Sports | Yoga Hub, Dublin, Ireland | 17-21 July

Cost: €99 (all three workshops)

€49 per workshop | 5-day package (includes Yoga for Sports course): €349 before June 1st
Alignment Redefined – July 17th & 18th
Workshop 1: (Weds 10am -12.30pm) Alignment redefined for optimum function of lower limbs (particularly  the knee, hip and sacroiliac joints.

In this workshop we will address and understand the optimum way to use the feet, “fold at the hips” and how the way that we do standing asana defines the health of the knee, hip and the lower back. Among other questions, we will unpack why “pull up the kneecap” doesn’t support knee health and the placement of the feet.

Workshop 2: (Weds 2pm-4.30pm) Alignment for the upper limbs and thoracic spine (including the wrists, shoulders and the neck)

We will be taking a look under the surface of the shoulder girdle and the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint. We will address common causes of shoulder pain and injury in yoga classes and how they can be easily avoided while accessing natural strength in the upper body and neck through functional movement that strengthens and frees up the neck at the same time. We will unpack why we need more than “rolling the shoulders” to open up the front, back and sides of the heart.

Workshop 3: ( Thurs 10am-4.30pm) Alignment for “the core”. Including spinal health the connection that re-unifies the whole body.

This third workshop ties everything together. We will examine spine and its intrinsic and extrinsic “core” connections that allow us to transfer force from upper to lower limbs effectively in all planes of movement. Learn how to ”lengthen the spine” and build core strength at the same time. We will explore what “Bandha” really means and whether we are doing it right as well as how the diaphragm breathing can be used for strength and mental stability.

Expect to be challenged by unconventional breathing, strength and agility training that may get you moving with a sustainable poise and fluidity.

Yoga for Sports  – July 19h, 20th & 21st
Time: 9.00 – 16.00 Daily
Cost: €260 before June 1st |  €290 after June 1st

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