Understanding an Athlete's Body and Mind Set | Yoga Moves, Utrecht, Holland | 12-14 July

Dates & Times:  Friday 12 July 2019 | 19:30-22:00

Location: Sint Janshovenstraat 1

Cost:  €45 per session | €195 for all | Early bird until and Infinity discount: €36 or €185 for all

“Athlete” is a broad term. It applies to anyone from a weekend cyclist to a Premier League footballer. Many people are dedicated to their field of sport more than they are dedicated to yoga. The yoga will certainly benefit them, but what they really need is a specific yoga for their sport rather than just generic yoga just for the sake of yoga. For a serious athlete, yoga cannot be separated from their training program and it must compliment rather than contradict the rest of what they do. Learn how to seamlessly adapt yoga practices to suit the real needs of individuals.

In workshop one, we look deeper into fundamentals of joint structure and function, and share ways to bring stability, mobility, strength, and optimum alignment into yoga classes.

This series of workshops is essentially about two things:

  • Bio-mechanically effective practice and teaching methods
  • Very specific application of the profound body-mind tools that traditional yoga has given us.

Invest in this workshop if you are:

  • An amateur or professional striving to be your best
  • A professional movement therapist or coach
  • A yoga teacher looking to expand on your skills and influence

Full workshop schedule Jim Harrington
Friday 12 July | Understanding an Athlete’s Body and Mind-Set
Saturday 13 July | Yoga for Sports| Masterclass
Saturday 13 July| Posture vs Posture | A Therapeutic Approach through Yoga Asana
Sunday 14 July | Sequencing for athletes
Sunday 14 July | Rehab and Prehab | What is the Role of Yoga Preventing and Healing Sports Injuries

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