Yoga for Sports

Specialist Training for Movement Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Athletes

Hosted by Yoga Campus, London.  8 – 12 March, 2017

Early Bird: £560 before 1st December 2016.  Bookings after 1 December: £625

Bookings: Contact Yoga Campus, visit the course webpage or click here to complete the booking form

Book today and learn:

  • The skills to work with and teach athletes safely
  • Understand the mechanics of yoga in a sports context
  • How to work with and prevent sports injuries through yoga
  • Application of pranayama to sports as it effects fitness, recovery and VO2 Max
  • Application of mindfulness and meditation for competitive edge

There is a growing interest in yoga among athletes – from footballers to runners and triathletes. They are looking to us as yoga teachers to help them keep their bodies strong and to achieve mental focus.  Hear what Britt Hyland has to say about working with Jim.  Britt is Olympic Triathlete, who worked with Jim to improve her athletic performance. Watch this video clip.


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