Feet first for runners

with Karyn Marais

“The current state of our feet is a projection of how well we will be able to move as we get older” – Katy Bowman 

SATURDAY 1 FEBRUARY  | 12 – 4pm  |  ZAR 490  |  ReUnion Yoga & Meditation

Your feet, how they are structured and function, effect your entire body. Understand why restoring your feet is such a big deal.

Explore some of these key Feet Issues with Karyn:

  • The anatomy of our feet, and their effect on the rest of the body.
  • The way shoes and our environment shape our feet and bodies.
  • Steps we can take to build a healthier base from our feet up.

In this workshop, play with fun techniques to restore lost function and strengthen the ankle and foot muscles. Maintain the benefits for the entire body by incorporating some of these exercises into your favourite yoga postures, thus making it easier to filter them into your daily lives. Karyn Marais is a body alignment therapist, yoga teacher and barefoot enthusiast, with a passion to share the importance of becoming better acquainted with the function of your feet. Much of her practice focuses on helping clients restore their feet and bodies by utilising the principles shared in her popular Live Balanced Workshops.