6th to 10th June 2024


Presented by Jim Harrington 

Develop your surfing skill, meditation, and yoga practice in this 5 day (four night) retreat at Pumula Retreat.

Reconnect with nature, surrounded by sub tropical forest, and perfect waves. 

This will be the third annual Surf and Yoga Retreat at Pumula KZN. June is prime time for surf in the KZN south coast, with daily morning offshore breezes and often all-day-offshores. Winter ground swells are groomed by the time they meet the sandy points making for spectacular, and perfect waves. Last year we were treated to world class (and uncrowded) waves for five out of five days. 

Nourish with holistic homemade plant-based food. Our Chef is Lucie, the co-owner. She is French which means she takes her food pretty seriously and blends a lot of love into every dish.

This retreat will be a mental and physical up-skilling process for anyone looking to take their surfing to the next level. If you want to level up for bigger or better waves or just refine your surfing skills then this is the experience for you. . 

It will also be a chance to have a lot of fun, just relax, take some time out and reconnect with the simple pleasures of life. 

This forms part of Jim Harrington’s wider Yoga for Sports project, which blends yoga as therapy and a tool for improved performance. This immersive experience is a unique opportunity, ideal for anyone looking to broaden their mental awareness, and physical health. 

Please note – this retreat is for people who can already surf (or at least can paddle out, stand up and ride a wave) . But that being said, there will be something for everyone at every level of ability and each level will be given some coaching. 


There is an inspiration and a buzz that comes from pushing the boundaries of our capacity.

The quest for bigger, hollower, and more radical is not an exploit of egoism, but rather an internal process of discovering just where one’s own limits are. It’s all about progression and evolution, which are a natural part of life.

The pure stoke of being in the ocean and riding waves is a unique experience and one that could be an endogenous fountain of youth. I often consider the purpose of these Surf and Yoga retreats to be to ignite the spark to wake up the “inner grommet” which is that excitable, effervescent and boundless ball of pranic energy that exists in us all. The inner Grommet is the best part of the inner child. We should stay in touch with him or her. 


  • Breath-hold training 
  • Drills for paddling skills
  • Instantaneous popups and critical drops
  • Yoga for recovery and mobility in between surfs
  • Core strength drills
  • Shoulder freedom
  • Balance and riding skill drills

 Additional Surf Science. This has proven valuable for the less experienced surfer. 

  • Reading different types of breaks
  • Surf Etiquette and strategies for crowd management
  • How to read the forecast charts 

A little bit more about the retreat and your facilitator…

It’s happening at Pumula Retreat (www.pumularetreat.com), is a sprawling Retreat with grounds and lots of character, situated on top of a hill with ocean views and nestled in the lush coastal forests of the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, near the Umzumbe area. It is the ideal space to explore the dozens of perfect point and reef setups. 

Our local host is Scott, a lifelong surfer, and the co-owner of Pumula Retreat. Scott was born and raised on this stretch of coast and will assist us in making the best decisions regarding waves.

Jim Harrington is a lifelong surfer & yoga practitioner originally from Australia, yoga teacher trainer and yoga coach to professional athletes. He is the founder of ReUnion Yoga & Meditation Studio and YogaForSports, an author and world traveler.

Jim’s teaching is informed by a medical and scientific approach to yoga. The synthesis of the ancient traditions with contemporary thinking and research- based science continues to inspire his approach to yoga and meditation. Jim has surfed the globe, explored almost all continents and spent three years living and surfing Indonesia and currently lives and surfs the Atlantic Ocean of the Cape South Peninsular 


The daily schedule will depend on the wind and tidal conditions to optimize our time in the water. Our priority is to experience the best waves possible and we will work around that but we will also be making sure to fit in plenty of learning through Yoga, movement and meditation.   

Here is the general proposed schedule (please note that may change). Each day will build into the next and will remain slightly flexible according to flow of the group, the conditions of surf and weather. If it’s cooking we go surfing.

If the surf is firing, (and it most likely will be), then there will be opportunities to surf twice or even three times a day.

Arrival & check in: 

Thursday 6th June at 14:00 (Welcome lunch at 14:30)

Check out & departure after lunch on Monday 10th June 14:00

Daily schedule (Friday to Monday – 4 full days): This schedule is surf condition dependent. 

06:00-10:30 – morning Tea/coffee warm up & surf

11:00 -12:30  – brunch and self-time

13:00-14:30 — stretch out, surf & movement technique

14.30 – 15.00 – snacks & tea

15:00-16:30 – Movement/yoga/ or surf

16:30-18:30 – Breath work / meditation or sunset surf 

19:00-20:00 – Delicious Dinner

 After dinner story telling time or classic surf films. 

Travel, accomodation options & rates:

Space is limited to 8-14 people only.

Price includes all activities, accommodation and exceptional plant based food for the 5 days (transport fees not included – but we can assist in organizing shuttles and lifts to and from the venue – flights are available to Durban or Margate).  

** “Special discount of 20% for people from South Africa and Southern Africa. To benefit, please send an inquiry to Jim on info@jimharringtonyoga.com

Twin shared Accommodation Rates:

Shared bathrooms rooms R 8160 (*locals only R6 800) 

Private bathroom rooms R 8880 (*Locals Only R7 400)

Private Accommodation Rates:

– Shared bathrooms rooms R 11280 (*Locals only R9400)

– Private bathroom rooms R11940 (*Locals Only R 9 950)

You can see the rooms here (https://www.pumularetreat.com/accommodation), 

Booking info:

A 50% deposit / or full payment will secure your spot.

Please email Proof of payment and use your name and ‘Surf’ as the reference to info@reunionyoga.com

Banking details:

J Harrington

FNB Acc. No. 63004567947

If you have any questions please do ask.

We look forward to hearing from you!