Yoga for Sports | Indrani Lodge, Belgium | 7-9 July 2019

Cost:  Day visitors from €145 per session | Full board from €590

From footballers and swimmers to runners and triathletes there is a growing interest in yoga among athletes. Athletes are looking to yoga teachers to help them keep their bodies injury-free and to sharpen their mental focus. However, there is a difference between the average yoga enthusiast and a fully focused athlete, the latter having no ambition to “make progress” in their yoga practice. For them yoga is a tool to help them achieve their ambitions in the sporting realm.

Over a three-day period Jim will guide participants through a number of topics that will equip them with the skills to work more effectively and safely with athletes and to understand the mechanics of yoga in the context of a particular sport. Each day will consist of a series of workshops that combine both physical yoga practice and more technical teaching.

Overall this series of workshops is essentially about two things:

  • Bio-mechanically effective practice and teaching methods,
  • The very specific application of the profound body-mind tools that traditional yoga has given us.

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