Yoga for Sports Training

15hr Level One Workshop OR 70hr Short Course

Yoga For Sports – Level One 

Single Weekend  – 15-hours 

Covers the basic concepts of Yoga For Sports and provides the foundations for working with yoga as an athlete. This is what you need to know as a yoga teacher working with athletes.

Generally this Is presented in 5 sessions over a weekend or 2 to 3 days 

Cost : R3950.00.

Key outcomes :

Understanding and practicing healthy breathing.

Breath practices for athletes  to initiate calming, maximise lung function and improve recovery times.

Understanding muscle imbalance due to training.

Key biomechanical alignment principles for safety in yoga practice and for sustainable training in any field.

Functional movement patterns and injury prevention in Yoga

A tried and tested foundation asana sequence which is scalable and adaptable with modifications for inflexible tight sportspeople.

Yoga Breathing – Pranayama,

Yoga tools for the mind and training for flow state

An accessible meditation practice for beginners



CAPETOWN & ONLINE – 2024 – April Saturday 13 & Sunday 14th  – Book Here 

Cost : ZAR 3950.00 Early bird discount 10%  ( R3555.00 before  Feb 10th)

Europe 2024 – Details pending 



Yoga For Sports – Level Two
70-hour immersion

This is a deeper immersion into the yoga for sports techniques and methodology.  We build on the foundation of the short weekend program and take things to another level.

Some prior study of basic Anatomy and Physiology will be very useful as we will get more technical with regards injuries and training.

This course refines and takes a deeper dive into the subject matter and we will go into:

Deeper anatomy of spinal posture,

injury management with

Optimum joint function 

Guidance on 31 specific alignment keys that make yoga safer and more sustainable.

intermediate level Yoga breathing  and meditation methods for athletes.

Yoga’s traditional psychology meets modern sports psychology.

Includes a supervised 6 week case study for Yoga Teachers to put into practice the lessons learned.

(5 day immersion or two weekends)

Cost : R7900.00

A must for athletes, physiotherapists, biokineticists, yoga teachers and sports professionals. This cutting-edge training includes the most relevant and critical information in the field of Yoga for Sports.

Training outcomes:

  • 31 Yoga alignment keys 
  • The art of teaching for the needs of Athletes.
  • Breath-work for sports, respiratory fitness, improved lung volume  and understanding VO2 Max
  • Sports Injuries: how yoga compliments pre-hab and rehab
  • Further injury prevention in Yoga though alignment technique
  • How we learn. Conditioning, motor control, neuroplasticity and the role of a yoga practice.
  • Designing specific yoga programs for individual athletic performance 
  • Posture, and muscle imbalance . Regaining optimum sports posture for performance and longevity in sport.  
  • Physical and Mental advantage in sports



 CAPETOWN & ONLINE – April 13th &14th then May 11th &12th

2 weekends plus  two 1hr 45 minute classes per week (online or in person– Book Here – This course includes The Yoga Synergy Elements either in person or online so as to embody a strong physical practice . 

Cost : ZAR 7900.00